Into the heat of battle.

Detroit Arcade club is a diverse crew of folks who live and breathe videogames and want to spread that love to anyone and everyone in Southeast Michigan.


Catch up with DAC's latest antics on YouTube, including mini-documentaries about our weekly hangouts and our Twitch archives.


A semi-regular schedule of Twitch shows focusing on both new and old games alike. Goes live every weeknight, from Sunday to our flagship 'Dojo' hangout show on Thursday – with the occasional weekend goof'em up thrown in for good measure.


From obscure imports to new releases, DAC keeps the conversation going with the DAC Cast - now available on iTunes.


From time to time, we throw events. From our first-ever group art show, Boss Rush, featuring over 20 local artists and a lot of bad guys, to our recent monster marathon, Bestiary at KO Studio Gallery, we're always cooking up something new.


We're all pretty active on Instagram. Recent pickups, arcade oddities, and everyting in between – see what the DAC has to show. Browse various members' posts via the #DetroitAC hashtag, or check out our flagship account.


We're pretty much everywhere. If you can't hang out with us in person, the internet is the next best thing.